Call for Prayers for Ukraine and Russia


Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has already caused tremendous damage to Ukrainian civilians, not only civilians but also military personnel on both sides. Countless families in both countries have thus been destroyed. And this damage is still ongoing and intensifying.

In 2018 Christians in Ukraine made up about 70% of the total population (, and in 2014 there were 360-400,000 Jews (

The percentage of Christians in Russia in 2020 was about 63% (, and in 2018 the Jewish population in Russia was about 180,000 (

The apparent cause is a political dispute, but the essence is a satanic plot to destroy God’s people. Therefore, we call on all Chinese churches and non-Chinese churches to pray together for Ukraine and Russia. The following intercessions are recommended but not limited to.

  1. May God destroy the scheme of Satan, put an end to the war, and restore peace.
  2. Pray for those who are in authority in both Russia and Ukraine, that God may move their hearts to be willing to end the war.
  3. May the Ukrainians and Russians take this opportunity to discover that Jesus Christ alone is the One whom they can rely on and the One who can bring them true peace, comfort, and hope.
  4. May God protect and strengthen the church in both countries and empower her to bring the gospel to the people.
  5. May God heal and comfort those families who have been injured.

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