Call for Prayers for the Chained Mother of Eight Children in Xuzhou and all Trafficked Women and Children in China


  The tragic situation of the chained mother of eight children in Xuzhou made people cry.[1] And her current situation did not make people worry less. In the video, she shouted “let me go” to the doctor-like person in the mental hospital![2] Some people are worried that someone with an interest in the matter would attempt to wipe away either her or her memory.

  The book “古老的罪恶 – 拐卖妇女纪实An Ancient Sin – A Documentary on Women Trafficking” published in 1989 states on page 12, “Since 1986, a total of 48,100 women have been trafficked from all over the country to six counties in Xuzhou area, Jiangsu Province.”[3] And millions of people go missing in China every year.[4]

  Every trafficked woman is precious in the eyes of her parents, and even more precious in the eyes of God our heavenly Father (Jn 3:16). God must have wept at their mourning, despair, and tears (Jn 11:35). In the face of such evil, God’s righteous wrath has been inflicted on Jesus, and God is willing to forgive all sinners if they will confess their sins and repent (2 Pet. 3:9).

  The key to God’s blessing upon China is the sinner’s confession and repentance (Acts 3:19). In the sin of abduction such as the chained mother of eight children, all those who participate, all those who explicitly or implicitly permit it, all those who prevent the abducted women from escaping, and all those who see and do not save (Ex. 23:4) are guilty and should confess and repent of their sins.

  Many churches and individual believers are already praying for the chained mother of eight children. We pray that God will save and protect her from further harm and that she will be reunited with her parents and family soon. We also call on all Chinese churches and non-Chinese churches to pray once a month for the chained mother and for all other trafficked women and children in China, and encourage all brothers and sisters to intervene with wisdom and courage when they see suspected trafficking. May the Lord bless and protect those who seek justice and help out.

       May God bless China!



[3] Xie, Zhihong 谢致红, and Lusheng 贾鲁生 Jia. 1989. 古老的罪恶 – 拐卖妇女纪实 An Ancient Sin – A Documentary on Women Trafficking. 浙江文艺出版社 Zhejiang Literature & Art Publishing House.


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